When gas detectors display inaccurate readings, it puts you and your workers at risk. Perhaps you work around pipelines or tanks that emit gases. Or, you work in a confined space, an industrial plant, or in underground utilities. Regardless of the environment, if gases or vapors are escaping you need a detector that registers accurate readings.b2ap3_thumbnail_Gas-Detect_Environment_Industrial-433.gif

Yet, readings can drift for many reasons, including:
·    Age of sensors, which normally degrade over time
·    Exposure to extreme temperature and humidity
·    Exposure to high levels of the target gases
·    Harsh storage and handling conditions (including being dropped or submerged in liquid)

Ensure safety by having your multi-gas detector calibrated by factory-trained technicians to verify proper operation. Then, you are no longer left wondering if you or your workers may be exposed to dangerous gases.

InnoCal's specially trained technicians test your gas detector with a known concentration of gas. Contact us for multi-gas detector calibration.