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Weigh Right with Calibrated Scales

Research, production, and testing all use scales within their processes. As a measuring instrument, the precision of the scale is fundamental to its use. If the scale is reading off, even slightly, you won’t be able to trust the results. This could call into question your research or count accuracy. It will certainly slow down your operation as you re-check weights.b2ap3_thumbnail_Scales_11100_04_1.jpg

Scales include:

  • Counting scales
  • Industrial scales
  • Floor/bench scales
  • Compact bench scales
  • Hanging scales
  • Food/portion scales
  • Price/shipping scales

Scales designed for applications in the food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries depend on specific weights for packaging, shipping, and more. Make sure your weighing right—and your processes are not compromised.

To sustain your scale’s precision, InnoCal’s ISO17025 accredited calibration lab maintains highly accurate comparison standards. We can customize test points to your specific needs including those dictated by USP. Plus, you will receive a certificate with all the necessary data and information to ace your next audit.

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    MackRodriguez Tuesday, 17 April 2018

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    DanielStone Friday, 25 May 2018


    It is basic that adjusts and measuring instruments are frequently aligned to guarantee that measuring comes about are predictable. For instance, business items that are sold by weight or indicate a weight on the mark are required by law to meet the publicized weight. In the event that your scale is misaligned, help with assignment your measuring results will likewise be comparably in-accurate.

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    Gilbert Wells Wednesday, 30 May 2018


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